After 38 years of practice as a CPA, I have decided (albeit after several months of great thought and with a considerable degree of reluctance) to retire by the end of 2017.  My wife and I feel like it is time for us to move on to other things, including enjoying our new granddaughter, Isabelle.

Part of my reluctance about retiring stems from the wonderful relationships I have developed with so many of my clients over the years, in many cases stretching back over 20 years.  I will regret seeing those relationships slip away, so in an effort to ensure that you will be well served with respect to your tax and accounting needs going forward, I will be formally merging my practice into that of the certified public accounting firm of Masters, Smith & Wisby, P.A., by the end of this year.  I have had a relationship with MSW for a some time in the areas of accounting and auditing and I feel fully confident that they will be able to continue to provide you the level of service that I have sought to give you over the years, if not even better.

Masters, Smith & Wisby, P.A., is a full service accounting firm that offers accounting, tax, financial management and consulting services to its clients, including wealth management.  The firm has been serving clients in northeast Florida and coastal Georgia for over 40 years from its main office in Jacksonville as well as an office in Ponte Vedra Beach.  I have found its partners and staff to be highly-trained professionals who are dedicated to putting their clients first, just as I have always sought to do.

I have agreed to assume something of an emeritus position with MSW and thus will be available to provide whatever assistance might be needed in transitioning my clients into the MSW fold.  Moreover, my daughter Alison, who has worked with me for a number of years and has hands-on experience with many clients’ accounting issues and tax returns, will be joining MSW to make the transition even more seamless.  Rest assured that your satisfaction with the new arrangement is of utmost importance to me.

It has been my great pleasure to be of service to you in the past, and I look forward to continuing to provide service to you for the balance of this year.  The choice of moving your account to Masters, Smith & Wisby, P.A. is solely yours, but one which I would certainly encourage.  They will have access to all of my old records to make this move easy for you.

Finally, MSW and I will be hosting a small event on the evening of March 30th in Ponte Vedra Beach so that I can introduce you to the CPAs and Financial Planners of the MSW Team. An invitation will be sent to you shortly.

Please contact me should you have any questions whatsoever and I hope I have your best wishes for a long and happy retirement.

Very sincerely yours,

John G. Mencke, CPA

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