Q: Isn’t it bad enough that you’ve made all of these promises to yourself for the New Year, that you have one more goal to accomplish for 2016?

A: Not as bad as the IRS wanting to see your corporate minutes as part of their audit and you don’t have them available.

In one of our popular 2014 Profit Margins Newsletter articles, we wrote about updating your corporate minutes.  It doesn’t have to be a hard task, and with apologies to our good attorney friends, this is something you can probably do yourself!

Now that the New Year is here make the review and update of your corporate minutes a priority.  It’s easier to do this now than later, while you can still remember what you did.

CLICK HERE to read why this is something you should do now.  After you read the article, you can download the free Minutes Checklist to help you with your review.



Steven D. Rawlins, CPA

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